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10919902_334538463417170_8220157029371232176_oI paint, I dance, I make up stories…
Sometimes I do them all at the same time, and if truth be told my best work is when I am doing them all at the same time. That is when I have tapped into the creative river inside me, the creative river that we all have inside.
I love that place!

1890538_10205512449239656_7966709780757730948_oI am learning to follow my heart. Sometimes I do this so beautifully. I see magic in the everyday – the colors in the sunset, the sound of crickets chirping on a warm summer evening, or the stars… every time I look up at the stars, my ten year old self is still amazed that there is NO ceiling.
And sometimes, I forget to follow my heart, my bliss. I know what it is like to be in the “belly of the whale”. And then it is my tears and vulnerability that move the paint.

There is something amazing about being able to step into your paint, your stories, your dance in what ever shape you arrive.


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