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I Love Spain

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Loco Tita

Meet Loco Tita.  Born Tita Mannella Marie Now, this bird has a story.  Loco Tita used to be your average chicken.  She got up every morning, laid an egg, then headed out of the coop to scratch in the dirt with the rest of the girls.  In fact, she was so average that she was… Read More


Return of Spring

I am beginning to feel the return of sap running through my body.  The quickening and excitement of my internal spring-time. This winter, my body asked me to rest, to lie fallow like the fields. Did I heed the call?  No, I fought, pushed and squirmed. I did everything I could to not go into… Read More

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Welcome to Cerridwyn Studio!

Welcome to Cerridywn Studio! I am SO thrilled you found me! Please grab a cup or tea, put up your feet and take a gander. I hope what you see delights your heart and uplifts your Spirit! xo… Read More


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