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Friday Nights in The Studio

FNSS1Looking for a great date night, girlfriend get together, family adventure or an opportunity to meet others?

Come join me for a creative Friday Night in The Studio from 7:00 to 9:30.

Cost $55.00 includes all supplies, instruction AND wine, tea, & chocolate.

Each session offers a different project – from Acrylic Painting to making Blessing Flags with recycled natural fibers.

Wine, tea, and chocolate combine quite nicely with creative pursuits!

My teaching style is relaxed and easy going.  I like to laugh and have fun.  I love getting messy. No prior painting or crafting experience necessary.  I will walk you through each step.

For more information or to sign-up please contact me at Terre@cerridwynstudio.com


12/16/16 – Handmade Writing or Dream Journalsdreamjournal
Join us in creating a Handmade Writing or Dream Journal for yourself or as a gift for that special someone. We will use a variety of papers, including handmade paper.  The cover will be decorated using buttons, ribbon, magazine images, fabric and/or mix media painting techniques.


collage21/6/17 – Create a New Years Collage
I love to start the New Year with a Collage of my dreams and goals for the coming year.  Using magazines and old books, we will cut and glue images and words to make a poster collage to guide and remind us of the seeds we are planting for the New Year.


Flag1/20/17 –  Make your own Personal Blessing Flags
This is one of my favorite classes!  We will create personal Blessing Flags with recycled natural fibers like linen and cotton. Blessing Flags consist of 5 flags strung together. We will use iron on techniques for the flags, so very little sewing, if any is involved. There will be a variety of supplies for adorning the Flags.


2/3/17 – Handmade Braceletsbraceletbracelet1
We will make a bracelet from leather and beads.  We will also make our own beads using semi-precious metals and fire them in a kiln. You can personalize your handmade beads with a word or a symbol to add to your bracelet. *Please note the price on this class is $65 per person to adjust for the metal clay.

Breathless hearts2/10/17 – Painting Hearts
Painting in layers and dreaming of love. We will paint hearts and valentines using acrylic and canvas, listen to romantic music and sip on wine.  We will add layers of dreams and desires for love into our images.


crow23/3/17 –  Create Fancy Scrap Crows
Crows are magical birds. These talismans will be hand sewn using natural fibers such as cotton, wool and filled with organic cotton and lavender. They will be adorned with yarns, batik cottons and of course, all things shiny!




madala3/17/17- Creating Mandalas or Sacred Circles
We will create Spring-like Mandalas with a “seed” in the middle and symbolic outer circles to support or nurture our Center to fruition. Mandalas will be made with thick watercolor paper cutouts in shapes you desire. Final piece will be glued onto a larger piece of watercolor paper.


Gift Certificates Available 

To sign up please contact me at Terre@cerridwynstudio.com and I will send you the address and specific class information.

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